Kids Toys Dubai: What to Buy

There are many options if you are looking for toys for your kids and that means a lot of possibility of making a mistake and buying something that is totally crappy and useless and not even one bit education for your kids. Some of these toys can actually make your kid so bored and just wonder away without even looking at the toy for a second glance.

Some parents who just want to make things simple just buy whatever the kids point at and want so that the kid will shut up and leave them alone. You can’t really blame these parents because nobody wants to be stared at when you are in the department store and there is a noisy and annoying kid pointing at toys and insist that you should buy it.

So there are a few items that you can buy when it comes to kids toys Dubai that will not only be good and entertaining but also can teach your kids some stuff about life. For example, you can look for Doggie Doo in one of the many toy stores or Kidore – kids shop in Dubai. Doggie Doo is a very popular toy where you have this plastic dog that you have to feed and the toy food also becomes the food. So this toy is actually a game where players take turns pressing a handle that pushes the dog poop closer and closer towards the butt of the dog. If the dog poops, then the player who pressed that lever to make the dog poop gets the poop and whoever gets the most poops wins. Sound disgusting? Maybe. But this toy or game actually teaches kids on how to take are of a pet and how to keep things clean and clean up after a pet if it starts creating a mess.

Another example of a nice toy you can buy at kids toys Dubai and something called Operation. With this toy, the kids see a body of a man. There are labels in the different parts of this male body drawn on a board. The objective is to spin this small roulette and whichever body part in shows, the player needs to take the attached stick on the game board and start poking the body part he or she was able get when he or she spun the roulette.

If you are not too happy about giving toys to kids, then might as well give clothes for the kids because these can be cheaper and safer to buy because you can be sure that is is something that the kid will wear no matter what. There are many options for clothing just make sure that when you are buying you are getting the most from your money by searching online first. That’s because most of the online stores have the same as some of the items at department stores but the difference is they are much more affordable online because there are no more overhead that needs to be paid the employers.